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Precision Manufacturing Solutions for Aluminum
Sand Casting, Die Making, CNC Pattern Making,                   
Burnouts, Blanchard Grinding,
Roll Grinding, Equipment Repair, MDL
Pins and Bushings and Crossley Presses
Seilkop Industry DivisionsA-G Tool and DieEpcor FoundryHamilton Precision LLCHITECH Shapes and Designs   


Seilkop Industries equipment and service at each location provide high quality, ISO 9001:2000 manufacturing solutions. The services provided include:


Epcor Foundry

Our Technologies include:
  • Two automatic horizontally parted molding machines
  • One Roberts Sinto FBO IIIR 20" x 24" Flaskless Molding Machine capable of producing 120 molds/hour without core set
  • One DISA MATCH 130 20" x 24" Flaskless Molding Machine with automatic Core setter producing 160 molds/hour for uncovered castings and 120 molds/hour for cored castings

Prototyping and Design Services All tooling and castings CNC-machined from the following CAD-formatted Solid Models created or provided in its, native, .stp or .igs formats:

  • Pro/ENGINEER                              
  • AutoCAD
  • QuickCAST                                    A complete solution allowing     predictive evaluation of the entire casting process including filling and solidification defects. It enables rapid visualization of design changes and allows for correct decision-making at an early stage of the manufacturing process.



More Information on Epcor Foundry
Sinto Automatic Molding
Sinto Automatic Molding

Disa MATCH Automatic Molding
Disa MATCH Automatic Molding

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HITECH Shapes and Designs

  • Automatic Molding Machines
  • DISA MATIC as well as DISA MATCH with core masks
  • Sinto Patterns
  • Hunter Patterns
  • Match Plates and Cope and Drag
  • Shell Molding

Core Boxes for Cast Parts
  • Redford
  • Harrison
  • Dependable
  • Laempe (LD20 multi pull direction)
  • Hottinger
  • Horizontal type complete with blow tube assemblies and top and bottom ejector systems

Specialization working with the following materials:
  • Cast iron
  • Aluminum
  • D-2 steel
  • Urethane tooling board
  • 4140 steel
  • Hardwood

More Information on HITECH Shapes and Designs
Milltronics VM-25
Milltronics VM-25

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A-G Tool and Die

In-house engineering services:
  • 4 designers - almost sixty years of combined experience
  • Forming simulation software
  • Ability to read many different file types
  • Coming soon - designing in 3D

Sales services:
  • 3 sales engineers - 60 years combined experience
  • Starts with concepting/quoting process, project management, to die tryout

Production-ready tooling:
  • 350 ton tryout press
  • In-house simulator for transfer tooling
  • In-house wire EDM and CNC capability
  • Repair services for competitor's tooling

More Information on A-G Tool and Die
Charmilles Robofil 300 EDM
Charmilles Robofil 300 EDM

CNC Machine Center
CNC Machine Center

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Burn & Grind Division

  • Quality burning and grinding under one roof for quicker delivery.
  • Quick quote turnaround – typically 2 to 3 hours if stocked material.
  • Oxy-Fuel hot roll burnouts.
  • Your material or ours – A36, 4140, etc. Stock A36, 3/8” -6” thick.
  • Burn up to 6-1/2” thick.
  • Die Sets.
  • Light machining & welding for turnkey parts.
  • Industries served include metalworking, aerospace, paper, machine shops, manufacturers, fabricators, automotive.
Burn & Grind Division Burn & Grind Division

Blanchard Grinding

  • Regrind rotors and worn parts.
  • Blanchard grinding (Rotary) up to 96” corner to corner on thicker plate with very tight tolerances.
  • Mattison surface grinding ( Horizontal) up to 42” x 96”.
  • Ability to surface grind flat & parallel surfaces w/i 0.005 depending on material; horizontal tolerances w/I .001.
  • Industries served include aerospace, paper, machine shops, manufacturers, fabricators, automotive.

Roll Grinding and Equipment Repair

  • Balancing to ANSI specifications.
  • Machining, milling drilling & lathe work
  • Grinding up to 40”D, 240”L
  • Lathe – 40” swing 20’ between centers, 53” chuck
  • Industries served include paper mills, steel mills, heavy equipment, manufacturing, industrial.
Roll Grinding & Equipment Repair Roll
Grinding & Equipment Repair

MDL Distributor

  • Tooling components for the die set manufacturing market and independent tool & die set distributors.
  • We specialize in Blanchard ground precision parallels or riser blocks and die sets components for bolsters and die shoes.

Crossley Presses

  • Exclusive distributor for these hard to find parts.
  • Original OEM blueprints on site.
  • Markets served – refractory, ceramic, tile, brick & porcelain.
  • Rebuild or repair presses.

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