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HITECH Shapes and Design Specializes in CNC Pattern Making and Foundry Patterns.

Company Profile


Automotive Design
Automotive Castings


Hitech Shapes and Designs, a division of Seilkop Industries Inc. has built foundry tooling since 1946. The company evolved from hand-crafted wood and metal patterns to its present CNC pattern making capabilities. The last 20 plus years, building fully CNC machined tooling for Disa Match M130, Disa 2013A, Disa 2013B, Disa 2070, Roberts SINTO and HUNTER. 

Some of these same Pattern Makers design their pattern tooling solid model, using Pro/ENGINEER or SOLIDWORKS, CNC Machining using DELCAM Power Mill and SURFCAM, and Solidification model using QuikCAST.                                               

We are an ISO 9001 CERTIFIED company and will work with your internal design team to streamline internal production processes.

Collaboration with your Design Team to anticipate changes required for the casting process beforehand can eliminate unwanted and costly surprises when production starts.

 1.Internal capabilities to handle your projects tweaking of casting design to mold efficiently.

 2.Internal design of fully CNC machined Pattern and Core Boxes. 

  • AutoCAD

 3. Internal Solidification simulation to design the gating.

  • QuikCAST is a complete solution, allowing predictive evaluation of the entire casting process including filling and solidification defects. It enables rapid visualization of design changes and allows for correct decision-making at an early stage of the manufacturing process.

 4. Internal fully equipped Pattern Shop including:

  • Experienced Pattern Makers
  • Six CNC Vertical machining centers
  • Two CNC Turning centers with live tooling
  • All necessary manual machinery


Capabilities and Services

Prototype Castings

Automotive Sand Castings
Automotive Sand Castings
HITECH Shapes & Designs offers prototype "castings", in a short time frame, rather than SLA copies without the necessary draft needed for the casting process. The prototype casting / tooling will represent as close to the foreseeable production casting as possible, eliminating most surprises.

Our services include:

  • Cost-effective design and prototyping of tooling and core boxes
  • Re-design of existing prototypes resulting in lean process
  • Improvement for your casting needs
  • Fully CNC-machined tooling from solid CAD models
  • Every job follows our ISO 9001:2008 Product Realization and Design

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Design Services

Milltronics VM-25 High Speed
Milltronics VM-25 High Speed

All tooling is CNC-machined from CAD-Solid Models. Created from 2D drawings or provided in its, native, .stp, or .igs formats:

  • Pro-e Wildfire and Creo
  • Solid Works 
  • Surfcam CAM and DelCAM software for machining
  • AutoCAD for 2D support
  • QuikCast Solidification Software
  • VisualCast to analyze the QuikCast files

Hitech Shapes and Designs Equipment List

Tooling Capabilities

Four Piece I-20 Box
Four Piece I-20 Box

HITECH Shapes and Designs regularly builds the tooling listed, keeping any new tools "learning curve" at a minimum:

  • Automatic Molding Machines
  • DISA MATIC as well as DISA MATCH with core masks
  • Sinto Patterns
  • Hunter Patterns
  • Match Plates and Cope and Drag
  • Shell Molding

Equipment List

DISA Pattern
DISA Pattern

5-Milltronics VM301L CNC Machining Centers
Milltronics VM201L CNC Machining Center
Mazak 28M Turning Center with Live Tooling
Mazak 18M Turning Center with Live Tooling

Core Boxes for Cast Parts

  • Redford
  • Laempe L-20 - horizontal, vertical (multi-directional pull)
  • Dependable
  • Hottinger
  • Harrison
  • Horizontal type complete with blow tube assemblies and top and bottom ejector systems

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Working materials

  • Cast Iron
  • D-2 Steel
  • 4140 Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Urethane tooling board
  • Hardwood
Impeller Stripper Vane Box
Impeller Stripper Vane Box
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