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Precision Manufacturing Solutions for Aluminum
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Epcor Foundry specializes in Aluminum Sand Casting, Prototyping and Automobile Casting

Company Profile

Epcor FoundryEpcor Foundry, a division of Seilkop Industries, Inc., is ISO/TS 16949:2009 certified. We bring many years of foundry experience to the design stage of your prototype and production castings. We know the value of bringing speed, accuracy and the most cost effective results to our customers: these are the goals required to compete in today's markets. At Epcor your casting is designed with productive advantages of Pro/ENGINEER and our many years of experience in the foundry industry.

Epcor Foundry has the capability and capacity to provide raw aluminum castings as well as finished product, complete with tooling, heat treating, machining, polishing and painting. Our capacity allows us to work with small as well as large volumes.

We work with your design team on simple as well as complex casting designs. Our software and manufacturing technology allows for low, medium and high volume production due to quick tooling changeovers. The end result: a high quality product which increases your internal productivity.

Capabilities And Services

Molding & Casting Services

  • Rapid Prototype Casting
  • Green Sand Casting

Finishing Services

  • Barinder 5-axis CNC finishing
  • Automated Saw/Trim cells
  • DISA Match 20 x 24 Plask
  • Sinto FBO III 20 x 24 Plask


  • Trim Presses
Molding & Casting Services

Prototyping and Design Services

All tooling and castings CNC-machined from the following CAD-formatted Solid Models created or provided in its, native, .stp or .igs formats:

  • Pro-e Wildfire and Creo
  • Solid Works
  • In house solidificiation simulation software


  • Additional design and prototyping using
  • Surfcam CAM and Delcam software for machining
  • AutoCAD for 2D support
Prototyping and Design Services

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The Epcor Process and Equipment List


  • All tooling built in-house by sister company (HITECH Shapes and Designs)
  • Prototype (wood, urethane, aluminum) handmade to CNC machined
  • Production (urethane, aluminum, steel, iron) all CNC machined
  • Core masks for automatic core setting
  • Use all types of software (Pro-E, Unigraphics, Catia, AutoCAD, and more) Castings
  • Prototype, low volume to high volume
  • Simple decorative to highly machined, leak tight components
  • Specialize in highly cored castings

Sand Preparation

  • PLC controlled continuous mulling
  • Individual preparation for each batch type of casting
    • Sand screening and aeration for proper sand controls
    • PLC controlled additive and sand feeders
    • Complete sand lab for monitoring sand properties
Sand Preparation

Molding: Equipment List

  • 2 - 20" X 24" horizontally parted, automatic molding lines
  • Roberts Sinto 20" X 24" (2001 model)
  • DISA Match 130 (2005 model)
  • Speeds up to 160 molds per hour
  • Automated jacket and weight transfer line
  • PLC controlled (job specific) parameter settings
  • Automatic core settings
    Melting and Pouring
  • 2 Re-verbatory furnaces (5,000 lbs per hour melt capacity)
  • 1 stack / tower furnace melter (3,000 lbs per hour melt capacity)
  • 1 dry hearth furnace (1,500 lbs per hour melt capacity)
  • 1 - 1000 Lb crucible furnace (batch melting for specialty alloys)
  • All furnace PLC, thermocouple controlled and monitored 24 hours through alarm service
  • All furnaces equipped with Silicon carbide filtering systems
  • All furnaces equipped with rotary de-gassing system
  • Automatic pouring via Dosing Pump
  • Specific gravity monitored and customized for each job
Molding: Equipment List


  • 5-axis Barinder CNC finish cell
  • Manual de-coring stations
  • Automatic sound proof de-coring
  • Manual band sawing
  • Automated PLC sawing
  • Manual grinding operation
  • Automating finishing through trimming cells
  • Tumble and spinning shot blast systems Quality
  • All gages and fixtures calibrated via gage control system
  • Manual CMM
  • Spectrometer to monitor and certify material certification
  • Complete traceability via date code system
  • Manual grinding operation
  • Various hand gages
  • Complete sand lab
  • SPC tracking and monitoring
  • Mini Tab software
  • Licensed Metallurgist on staff

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Fueling Component
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Super Charger
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