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Precision Manufacturing Solutions for Aluminum
Sand Casting, Die Making, CNC Pattern Making,                   
Burnouts, Blanchard Grinding,
Roll Grinding, Equipment Repair, MDL
Pins and Bushings and Crossley Presses
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A-G Tool and Die

A-G Tool and Die

5927 State Route 128, P.O. Box 250, Miamitown, Ohio 45041
Tel: 513-353-3090Fax: 513-353-3095E-Mail: info@seilkop.com
Services and Capabilities

A-G Tool and Die Information

 A-G Tool Overview - Services & Capabilities - Technical Specifications
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A-G Tool and Die
Sales Services
3 sales engineers - 60 years of combined experience 
Starting with conception and quoting, through project 
     management, up to die runoff

In-House Engineering and Design
By having our designers on-site, A-G Tool & Die is able to communicate inherent problems that occur during manufacturing. This capability allows us the opportunity to update designs to reflect these changes.
4 designers - almost sixty years of experience 
Forming simulation software 
Capable of reading many file types 
3-D design
Forming Simulation Software
Forming Simulation Software
Full Service Manufacturing
Wire EDM  
Grinding and Milling 
CNC Machining 
350 Ton Presses
350 Ton Press
Production-Ready Tooling
350 Ton Tryout Press 
In-house simulator for transfer tooling 
In-house wire EDM and CNC 
ECNs and repair/replacement services for A-Gs and competitors tooling 
Full Service CNC Machining
Full Service CNC Machining
In-House Transfer Simulator
We have designed and built our own in-house transfer simulator. The in-house simulator allows A-G Tool & Die to trouble-shoot any clearance problems before we get to the customers facility.  Prior to shipment, the setup and runoff of the automatic transfer/tooling at the customers facility is kept to a minimum by utilizing A-Gs in-house designed and built simulator. The simulator mounts the arms and fingers, in an open forum, to tool-made parts, gauged in their corresponding station, presented to the fingers for pickup and transfer. The finger configurations, lift, clearances, pitch, lowering, rough gauging, and finger/arm retraction all can be checked and tuned or modified on A-Gs floor.
By being proactive during the design phase, we can decrease time spent for development, setup and debug, translating our advantage into your cost-savings.  Customers are always receptive to saving time and money typically associated with setting up new projects.
In-house Transfer Simulator
Customized In-house Transfer Simulator
Simulation Software
A-G Tool & Die offers our customers simulation software.  This software can accurately predict stock widths, blank optimizations, and verify that a part can be produced to part print before the start of design or manufacture, saving both A-G and the customer time and money.  This simulation software offers the opportunity to verify that a part can be produced to part print before the start of design or manufacturing, saving the customer time and
money and increasing their internal productivity.

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