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Precision Manufacturing Solutions for Aluminum
Sand Casting, Die Making, CNC Pattern Making,                   
Burnouts, Blanchard Grinding,
Roll Grinding, Equipment Repair, MDL
Pins and Bushings and Crossley Presses
Seilkop Industry DivisionsA-G Tool and DieEpcor FoundryHamilton Precision LLCHITECH Shapes and Designs   

About Seilkop Industries Inc.

Seilkop Industries, Inc. is five individual companies specializing in aluminum sand casting die making, pattern making and metal stampings. Since 1949, Seilkop Industries, Inc.  has the in-house capabilities of taking your projects from design to prototype to production to finish. Seilkop Industries' companies focus on solving your manufacturing needs with highly specialized application-based solutions. Please view our company's core manufacturing specialties and click the link for more information on their respective specialty.

Aluminum Sand Castings - Epcor Foundries

425 North Bend Road
Cincinnati Ohio 45216
Tel: 513-761-1035
Fax: 513-761-0368
Epcor Foundries Information
Contact - Dave Seilkop
Office: 513-761-1035 X 203
Cell: 513-615-1665
Fax: 513-761-0368
Contact - Andy Holthaus
Office: 513-761-1035
Cell: 513-439-4158
Fax: 513-761-0368

Burnouts, Roll Grinding and Roll Repair- Hamilton Precision LLC

490 Joe Nuxall Boulevard
Hamilton, OH 45011

Tel: 513-218-6925
Fax: 513-856-7170

CNC, Wood And Metal Pattern Making - HITECH Shapes And Designs

7211 Market Place
Cincinnati Ohio 45216
Tel: 513-679-5680

HITECH Shapes and Designs Information
Contact - Paul Kiefer
Office: 513-679-5680
  Cell: 513-615-6746
Fax: 513-761-0368
Contact - Steve Erfman
Office: 513-679-5681
 Cell: 513-633-9274
Fax: 513-761-0368

Transfer, Progressive & Single-Hit Dies - A-G Tool and Die

5927 State Route 128, PO Box 250
Miamitown, Ohio 45041
Tel: 513-353-3090
Fax: 513-353-3095
A-G Tool and Die Information
Contact - Ken Seilkop
Office: 513-761-1035  X  214
Cell: 513-615-6752
Fax: 513-761-0368

Contacts for Hamilton Precision LLC

Burn and Grind

Outside Sales – Diane Drennan
Tel: 513-218-6925
Fax: 513-856-7170

Inside Sales – Russ Heileman
Tel: 513-923-5581
Fax: 513-856-7170

Inside Sales – Nick Norton
Tel: 513-923-5587
Fax: 513-856-7170

Roll Grind and Equipment Repair

Outside Sales – David Minton
Tel: 513-460-9906
Fax: 513-856-7170

Inside Sales – Ryan Curry
Tel: 513-923-5594
Fax: 513-856-7170

Crossley Presses

Contact - Ryan Curry
Tel: 513-923-5594
Fax: 513-856-7170


Contact - Russ Heileman
Tel: 513-923-5587
Fax: 513-856-7170
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